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Selling a home

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Selling a Home
Attorney Review

After the signing of the contract my office prepares suggested changes to the contract to protect your interests.  After your review and approval of these changes, they are forwarded to the buyers' attorney.  The buyers' attorney makes their client's changes to the contract.  Once we come to a meeting of the minds (agreement of terms) attorney review is complete.

Prior to the end of attorney review either party can cancel for any reason.


Home Inspection

After the end of attorney review the buyers hire a home inspector to inspect the property for substantial defects.  If there are any substantial defects which the sellers refuse to address the buyers may cancel the contract.



The closing of title takes place at the office of the buyers' attorney.  First the mortgage documents are signed by the buyers.  Next the sellers come with their attorney and sign the documents to transfer title.  At this point the money and keys are exchanged and the buyers are now the owners of the home.


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